Armory [noun]

Definition of Armory:

military building, usually for storing weapons

Synonyms of Armory:

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Sentence/Example of Armory:

I know 'em all, for I took care of their hall,—their armory,—and they made me hoist the flag one day union down.

They broke the locks with tools, captured Whelan, and took possession of the Armory and also of the Arsenal outside.

Every rifle, every fowling-piece had its story, and there were many of them; for Darling boasted a veritable armory.

Later in the evening they held street services for the benefit of the workingmen near the Armory and relief tents.

A greater number than the capacity of the armory would admit of drilling at one time, presented themselves daily.

The sergeant followed such a group of sight-seers through a postern behind the armory and out onto the cliff.

Again and again he returned to the postern behind the armory, but the small back gate that gave to the cliff was not opened.

"It's the first time I ever had a whole armory to myself," he said, looking around proudly at the noble array.

Colonel Broadcastle's voice was sweeping the armory, as he put the regiment through the manual of arms.

Now Ollinger put the gun back in the armory, locking the door, putting the key in his pocket.