Armpit [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Armpit:

Newt tore open his coat and vest, and ran his hand under the left armpit, but he found there only an empty holster.

Barney's response was a swift movement of his right hand toward his left armpit.

Before his compact automatic was fairly out of its holster beneath his armpit, it was in Joe Ellison's hands.

He gave a sharp yelp of pain and surprise as he did so, whipped his hand in again, and under his armpit.

We put one piece, which was long enough to reach from his armpit to below his foot, on the outside of the leg.

Quick as a cat, Madame de Vallorbes was behind him, her right hand grasping his right elbow, her left hand under his left armpit.

Kim ducked under a Mewar camel-driver's greasy armpit and cannoned off a covey of jabbering Sikh matrons.

Then Lé fri flaith, son of Conaire, died under Mac cecht's armpit, for the warrior's heat and sweat had dissolved him.

One was then tied, inside the bearskin suit, just under each jaw or under each armpit.

With his right hand he was stealthily scratching his left armpit.