Aroma [noun]

Definition of Aroma:

distinctive smell

Synonyms of Aroma:

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Sentence/Example of Aroma:

Floral aromas help pollinators locate their favorite plants.

Ozone reacts with flower aroma molecules, changing their chemical structure and therefore their fragrance.

So the aromas of these beers are more likely to “creep” over time.

Other researchers are finding that terroir leaves an imprint on the molecules that shape food’s aroma.

The concentrations of three of the aroma glycosides differed across cultivar types but remained fairly similar within the same cultivar grown in the two locations.

The aroma is pleasant and mild, and to those but little acquainted with them, agreeable.

In the house, on the road and street, the aroma of a fragrant Manilla is ever borne on the breeze.

The gust of perfumed air, laden with the rich aroma of fresh-mown hay, is soothingly invigorating.

In many passage this preoccupation with aroma appears, surrounding with a subtle cloud all persons and things.

There was a mingled odour of foods, piping hot, and over all the grateful aroma from half a dozen coffee-pots.