Aromas [noun]

Definition of Aromas:

distinctive smell

Synonyms of Aromas:

Opposite/Antonyms of Aromas:



Sentence/Example of Aromas:

Gale made coffee and soon inviting aromas of their supper drifted on the air.

This delicate vase can not be broken without wasting the precious aromas which it incloses.

The rain had released all the pungent aromas of the mountain woods through which we passed.

The butterflies, the pleasant aromas, and all the manifestations of rural beauty pleased him.

They have not survived in modern kitchen parlance, because the practice of using spices, flavors and aromas has changed.

And the heavy aromas arising promised that the coffee, bacon and all the rest would be everything they wished.

The atmosphere was redolent with those sweetest of aromas to the hungry man or boy, sizzling hot steaks and strong coffee.

A controversy ensued, and I tried to bring it round to the boreal crown and the cardinal aromas.

Roast yourself, I beseech you, on the sharp spit of perfection, that you may give out your aromas and essences!

It was a lovely night,—warm, and sweet with the scent of August lilies, and the rich aromas of ripening fruit and grain.