Aromatics [noun]

Definition of Aromatics:

concoction prepared for mental or physical effect

Synonyms of Aromatics:

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Sentence/Example of Aromatics:

Aromatics and fragrant stimulants have in all times taken the foremost rank with acids, such as vinegar, lime and lemon juice.

An ancient look still hangs about the prim walks and orderly beds, where one seems to sniff the aromatics of departed generations.

A wine glass of a weak Infusion of Digitalis, warmed with aromatics, was ordered to be taken twice a day.

Melt the wax and the gum, add the balsam, and then the powdered aromatics for use.

Stomachic and purgative; along with neutral salts or aromatics.

The richest wines, the most extraordinary victims, and the rarest aromatics, were profusely consumed on his altar.

The air was continally refreshed by the playing of fountains, and profusely impregnated by the grateful scent of aromatics.

Aromatics are medicines which have, a grateful smell and agreeable pungent taste.

It was a most favourite drink of the middle ages, a compound of wine and aromatics.

On the angles of the porticoes and at the four corners of the tower stood vases filled with kindled aromatics.