Arose [verb]

Definition of Arose:

come into being; proceed

Synonyms of Arose:

Opposite/Antonyms of Arose:










Sentence/Example of Arose:

Sometimes the child lay so still that Aristide arose to see whether he was alive.

Another female person, whom I put down as Madam Stone, arose and disappeared through an open door at my approach.

At last, tired of fighting an unseen foe, the men arose to their feet, and with a wild cheer sprang forward.

When the first sunbeam gleamed through the window of Bat's tiny kitchen, I arose, pulled on my boots and went to feed my horse.

Quiet and good natured, when necessity arose he never failed to assert his authority.

If ever a spark of feeling for her husband arose within Maude's heart, it was when she thought of Anne Ashton.

This intimacy arose partly from association while fishing for Cod, which abound in these waters, and partly from trading in furs.

I could not make out what it was, for the wind-was rustling the corn-shocks, but I arose and feigned to listen.

At last I gave up, and by a sudden thought arose and pulled on my overcoat, and got my hat.

Thereupon a dispute arose, and the Savages, seizing their bows and arrows, wanted to take away the 151 corpse.