Arousals [noun]

Definition of Arousals:

idea, stimulus

Synonyms of Arousals:

Opposite/Antonyms of Arousals:

Sentence/Example of Arousals:

The temporal glands next to their eyes may stream liquid, a sign of high arousal.

How long to napLet’s talk about sleep drunkenness, which can sometimes cause a symptom known as confusional arousal.

The ability to up-regulate or down-regulate arousal during frightening experiences is key to enjoying the experience.

Cognizant of the skepticism that corporate do-good pledges can sometimes arouse, McDonald says Lululemon is committing to providing annual updates and establishing timelines.

Otherwise, you can also hold sales and promotional programs to arouse interest as well as urgency in your customers.

At the slightest happening which seems to confirm suspicion there is an arousal of bad blood and a quarrel.

The sentiments aroused are different; but the arousal is the same.

Telephone sex probably provides just as much arousal, but against fees that the majority of callers can hardly afford.

We knew too well the Spirit of the Place; we waited its arousal with grave expectation.

Out of slumber proceeds each fresh arousal and initiation of waking activities.