Arousing [verb]

Definition of Arousing:

excite, entice

Synonyms of Arousing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Arousing:

Sentence/Example of Arousing:

The interest it aroused among potential customers, and even competitors, was such that they have since pursued and honed the idea.

The arousing of the fundamental instincts of these human beings had, indeed, enormously emphasized the animal in them.

The person who had the privilege of arousing the American's attention to no eminent degree was the White Scalper.

Nevertheless, when morning came and the sun was wide awake, I had no little trouble in arousing the children.

The object of Gracchus was to break the political union between the two factions by arousing the points of antagonism.

She would have been amazed could she have guessed that she was actually arousing him to resentment.

Mauler Mills, is arousing intense excitement throughout the country.

Meanwhile Wallenstein was again arousing the suspicions of his nominal allies.

He was like some terrible tocsin, never rung till danger was imminent, but then arousing cities and nations as one man.

No warning voice was heard from her public bodies arousing her members to opposition to this direful deed.