Arpeggios [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Arpeggios:

It is doubtful whether even the forms most peculiar to him (such as the arpeggio-prelude) are of his invention.

Begin by making the class sing them in arpeggio, and in a definite rhythm, so as to get precision.

He gloats a while over the Second's gloomy outlook, and yawns in that irritating arpeggio, the foretaste of a good sound sleep.

In a large number of his themes the arpeggio predominates, and always with a special interest and a special personality.

All this had been the merest muted arpeggio accompaniment to the steady practical advance of her housekeeper's mind.

The most essential figures which Beethoven employs are built upon the scale and the arpeggio.

Accordingly an open, flowing style (arpeggio) is one of the idioms best suited to its nature.

I amused myself by playing an arpeggio when Schikaneder came to a pause.

In the parlor I heard a slow arpeggio, and his voice, deadened, and a denial from her.

The study ends with the arpeggio passage as at the beginning.