Arraigned [verb]

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Three classes of people are arraigned for judgment: the righteous, the wicked, and the indifferent.

Even the religion of Stilicho was arraigned by the malice of his rival.

I never arraigned his creed, but the use or abuse made of it.

Are we not arraigned at the tribunal of civilization, by the helots of despotism?

Before Felix he was arraigned, and testified "what the prophets and Moses did say."

For its insolence the Law in turn was arraigned before the judgment seat of God and condemned.

On the 5th of December, 1705, he was arraigned on four different indictments, on two of which he was convicted.

Wild was then arraigned on the second indictment, which alleged an offence committed during his confinement in Newgate.

It represents a girl in a country school arraigned for drawing pictures on a slate.

Upon his being arraigned upon the indictment preferred against him, various arguments were urged in his favour.