Arraigning [verb]

Definition of Arraigning:


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Sentence/Example of Arraigning:

It had been his intention before arriving there, to arraign his wife again for having let Orlean go West in the beginning.

If you persist, I shall positively arraign you at the bar of good breeding and fashion.

Then suddenly he found himself disposed to arraign himself for selfishly clinging to his ideals.

There is certainly a possibility that I may arraign myself against his dearest interests.

At first I supposed the intention was to arraign me before the high court of Thousandacres, but in this I was in error.

Nay, the proceedings I now arraign derive their fearful consequence only from this connection.

It is unnecessary to arraign further damning evidence against the Georgian tutor.

He would therefore warn his subjects to be cautious how they ventured to arraign his conduct.

As soon as the barber was able to make himself heard again, he began to arraign both master and squire.

It is not given to mortals to examine or arraign the decrees of the Deity, but to hear and to obey.