Arranger [noun]

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During a phone call with state officials, Jarrell learned they already were arranging to replace all the tests with new shipments of LabGun tests from South Korea.

Mailchimp can in theory stay private forever—the CEO has taken no outside money and arranged a profit-sharing agreement with employees over a stock-based compensation, but Awotona has given employees stock.

She prayed to the old gods to escape an arranged marriage and became immortal.

In consultation with Trent Stellingwerff, a well-known physiologist at the Canadian Sport Institute Pacific, Elmore arranged for two days of testing with exercise physiologist John Sasso at UBC Okanagan.

Things are arranged a little differently on iOS and the web, but the tools all do the same things.

The AKQA Group name isn’t as convoluted this time but the latest agency combination is unlikely to be the last holding company arranged marriage.

Place the beets on the yogurt and arrange the rest of the fruits and vegetables on the platter.

Icons for games and applications are neatly arranged in a single row, but now they’re smaller and nearer the top, giving more open space for the rest of the screen.

In August 2018, an anti-GOP prankster from Montgomery County named Claude Taylor helped arrange for two men to place three-foot-high magnetic letters on the bridge spelling out the same message.

Ballots in Maricopa County were arranged so that if a Sharpie did bleed through the page, it wouldn’t cause an unreadable mark on the other side, Hobbs said.