Arranges [verb]

Definition of Arranges:

put in an order

Synonyms of Arranges:

Opposite/Antonyms of Arranges:

Sentence/Example of Arranges:

Thereupon the Master puts everything to rights, and arranges matters so that one may live there in peace.

He picked up his certificates and arranged them in one hand, as a player arranges his cards.

And, moreover, whilst all these wasps and hornets arrange their cells horizontally, the bee arranges its comb vertically.

It arranges the flowers in tiers, so that those in front do not hide the blooms behind.

But there are some general principles, which ought to be the guiding rules, when a woman arranges her domestic employments.

He unpacks his trunk and arranges his books on the tables as effectively as his artistic sense permits.

Another clerk then arranges them for exhibition on the shelves, where they remain until the time of sale.

The protoplasm in one of these protuberances arranges itself into a round mass--the oosphere or female cell.

Climax arranges its words, phrases, or clauses in an order of increasing impressiveness.

Johnny either re-arranges his “collection,” or plays jack straws with Eiulo, or devotes himself to the education of the parrot.