Arranging [verb]

Definition of Arranging:

put in an order

Synonyms of Arranging:

Opposite/Antonyms of Arranging:

Sentence/Example of Arranging:

Words fail to describe my feelings as I watched the clothes come off him and dry ones go on just as if hands were arranging them.

In a woman's life there is nothing more delightful than arranging a home, though it be but a temporary one.

Both girls were enthusiastic; they spent a long afternoon determining this, arranging that.

Edward, while busily arranging 'to cross seas' to Flanders, was also pushing forward preparations for a 'Scottish War.'

Rise early enough to have ample time for arranging everything needful for the day's journey.

Mr. Ralph found me in his den, I was arranging one of his tables, and he said that he wanted to talk to me.

To see a hostess fidgeting, constantly going in and out, argues ill for her tact in arranging the house for company.

A gentleman was one day arranging music for a young lady to whom he was paying his addresses.

"I think you are," said Barbara, who had been arranging flowers in the drawing-room, and had emerged onto the terrace.

If a true lady makes even a plate of toast, in arranging a petit souper for her invalid friend, she does it as a lady should.