Arras [noun]

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A smaller doorway, hung with arras of black, is on the left, well toward the front.

It is a noticeable fact that Picardy (Arras and Noyon) furnished both these instruments of reformation!

This personage, to whom many of the churches in this district have been dedicated, was Bishop of Arras in the 6th century.

The word arras comes from Arras, a town in France, which was famous for its beautiful tapestries.

Other accounts bear, that it was upon the Bishop of Arras he drew his sword; which is a somewhat different matter.

Only the wolf-hound, then, who had been sleeping in the darkness behind the arras.

She glided in behind the arras, and found the spring which opened the partition.

She passed through the statue gallery and into the arras passage.

That greenish-colored individual is an advocate of Arras; his name is Maximilien Robespierre.

He opened it very quietly, and we found ourselves behind the arras of Giulia's chamber.