Arrayed [verb]

Definition of Arrayed:

arrange in collection or order

Synonyms of Arrayed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Arrayed:

Sentence/Example of Arrayed:

The tracker can communicate with an array of sensors, connected by LoRaWAN technology to park rangers’ phones and laptops.

The organization has done so with a dizzying array of programs.

More than 100 of the ET 302 families have filed suit against Boeing and are seeking an array of Boeing and FAA documents relating to the two crashes.

We are not anti-technology with a wide array of local and national tech companies.

Spear guns come in a wide array of lengths, and it is important to match the size of the spear gun to the visibility of the water you will be diving in.

The group can be expressed as a set of mathematical matrices — arrays of numbers that, when multiplied by coordinates of an equilateral triangle, return the same coordinates.

Adding the smaller bongos to his array of instruments, he could play the melody of “Tea for Two” and other songs on his drums.

While the protocol is far from ready to be deployed in real-world applications, from a theoretical standpoint it provides an instant way to build an array of cryptographic tools that were previously out of reach.

The battle is projected to attract a wide array of rap lovers, as it is not only a battle of lyricism, but a regional one as well.

One was led by Stephen Kosslyn, and he believed that when you manipulate visual images in your mind, what you have is an array of pixels and you’re moving them around.