Arrays [noun]

Definition of Arrays:

collection, considerable group

Synonyms of Arrays:

Opposite/Antonyms of Arrays:

Sentence/Example of Arrays:

It is a good thing that a man once a week pauses from his work, arrays himself in clean garments, and is at rest.

Thus there are two flags under which Spain divides and arrays herself.

This same fashion arrays the dumpy young ladies of Germany in a most strange deformity of inflated petticoats.

Of whom shall I in this forest enquire after the departed Nala, handsome and of high soul, and the destroyer of hostile arrays?

He arrays unquestioned facts and depends on those who follow his recital to jump at the conclusion he desires.

First from the Tyrrhene coast savage Mezentius, scorner of the gods, opens the war and arrays his columns.

Clusters, bunches, heaps, and dangling arrays of plain-superficies puss and bun-bun!

He is spared: on condition that he goes back, arrays himself in his best harness and returns to fight on the side of the rebels.

The Queen meanwhile arrays herself in male attire, so that she may compete in physical attractions with Fantasca.

They are objects such as numbers, and series, and ordered arrays of highly ideal entities.