Arresting [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Arresting:

Now Diard, far from arresting the spot of oil on his garments left by his antecedents, did his best to spread it.

Did not a famous theologian recognize the absurdity of admitting the existence of a God and arresting His course?

If she dies, I have the means of arresting Selim before he can escape.

It is her extraordinary charm and her arresting personality.

"You love poetry," said he once, pausing, and arresting my fascinated glance.

The soldiers, when arresting the men, let Pat stay at Job's plea.

Many prominent citizens expressed themselves yesterday as deeply regretting the action of the officers in arresting Mrs. Wheaton.

I had a fading glimpse of my father abruptly arresting his progress to look, and then all was blackness.

From what circumstances do we gather that the Jews expected great difficulty in arresting our blessed Lord?

He longed for some kind word, for some arresting glance of sympathy; but life could yield nothing to him in his moment of need.