Arrestive [adjective]

Definition of Arrestive:

conspicuous, evident

Synonyms of Arrestive:

Opposite/Antonyms of Arrestive:

Sentence/Example of Arrestive:

The Swinburne collocation of delicate bosom and death is both arrestive and interesting.

The accumulation of carbonic acid in the breathed air would also have a similar arrestive power over destructive assimilation.

Similarly he could disguise his voice, the natural tones of which were low, monotonous, and of no arrestive quality.

They were of a flamboyant Italian period, and more arrestive than distinguished.

His attitude was arrestive as an obelisk and uncircuitable as a labyrinth.

But his eyes—those peering light-blue eyes—they were the most arrestive of any of his peculiarities.