Arrests [noun]

Definition of Arrests:

taking into custody

Synonyms of Arrests:

Opposite/Antonyms of Arrests:

Sentence/Example of Arrests:

He called for the arrest of Sheskey and for the others involved to lose their jobs.

Let me explain in detail what people here are going through, starting with arrest.

Protestors attempted to block the arrest, but they, along with bystanders, were arrested and taken into custody.

Between yesterday morning, when news broke of the arrest, and at market close today, the shares of Next Digital—which owns Apple Daily and other publications—soared more than 1,100%, pushing the stock to a seven-year high.

With mainstream politicians in Kashmir remaining under arrest or barred from political activity, extremist groups have little competition in recruiting local youth — even if they’re untrained and unlikely to survive for long.

That divided response makes some experts almost as concerned as the arrests.

By comparison, MTS only holds onto videos of citations or other encounters after 60 days unless officers decide the footage constitutes evidence in a criminal case, potential lawsuit or complaint, or if a use of force or physical arrest was recorded.

It comes as the beleaguered government clamps down on anti-government economic protests and the media, including the arrest of a well-known anti-corruption journalist.

SDPD made the arrest and later went looking for the relevant streetlight camera footage.

Stonewall’s patrons already were upset about the June 24 raid, so when one person resisted arrest, others joined in.