Arrives [verb]

Definition of Arrives:

come to a destination

Synonyms of Arrives:

Opposite/Antonyms of Arrives:

Sentence/Example of Arrives:

When the harvest time arrives in December, each tenant carries his crop to the mill for grinding.

He will leave the country for London in a few days, and intends to call on you at Dolley's as soon as he arrives.

These are commonly lost or stolen before the maccaroni arrives among us.

As each visitor arrives, rise, and advance part of the way to meet her.

An owner, however, is well satisfied, if one cargo in three arrives safe; and eight or nine successful voyages make a fortune.

If the vessel safely arrives in port, say Manila, she will be boarded by a numerous staff of Customsʼ officials.

The loan is on the security of the vessel and if she never arrives, the lender loses his money.

I therefore put everyone of you upon your honour to say no word of what has occurred here to-night—not until Mr. Bailey arrives.

Everywhere and always little Pierre arrives after everybody else; he has never in his life seen the beginning of anything.

He arrives in a moment from the isles of Lemnos and Imbros; there is something fine in coming from two islands at once.