Arrogantly [adverb]

Definition of Arrogantly:


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Sentence/Example of Arrogantly:

I am a driven, arrogant person who holds himself and everyone around him to incredibly high standards.

I think, for me, the real tell when I’m interviewing somebody is if they’re arrogant.

After news of her record broke, Stanley started to receive messages and comments online from people who criticized her for being arrogant and overly competitive.

Human extravagances soon dispel, in the eyes of reason, the superiority which man arrogantly claims over other animals.

When he went to Italy he studied there the masters whom his own teacher had arrogantly despised.

It was certain that he was preparing for that escape thus arrogantly announced by him.

Pope rather arrogantly asked one gentleman if he knew what a note of interrogation was.

Purple and crimson rhododendrons rose arrogantly, like rampant heraldic animals against their burning background of laburnum gold.

The large red and gold letters stared at him proclaiming arrogantly: "Every day is the best day of the year."

Now Orchan hated the Venetians, for they had arrogantly refused to receive an ambassador whom he sent to Venice.