Arrogated [verb]

Definition of Arrogated:

claim without justification

Synonyms of Arrogated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Arrogated:

Sentence/Example of Arrogated:

This king dared arrogate a law absolute unto himself; its statutes, his own caprices; its canons, his own pretensions?

Who are these Spaniards that they should come among us and arrogate to themselves the possession of all authority?

There are gardens and gardens, and these represent the sort that are always spoken of in the plural and most arrogate the title.

No attempt seems to have been made on the part of any Archbishop of the Eastern capital to arrogate to himself temporal power.

Presumptuous and ignorant men, who arrogate the earth to yourselves!

I do not know that I have a right to arrogate greater purity for myself than for our Mussalman brethren.

Could she arrogate such triumphant confidence in the temper and nature of a man who did not love her?

We fear, however, it can no longer arrogate to itself praise on this special score.

In the course of time he even begins to arrogate to himself the heroic virtues of the characters he impersonates.

Who was he that he should claim to lead a life apart, or arrogate to himself an immunity and an independence other men had not?