Arrows [noun]

Definition of Arrows:

pointed weapon or symbol

Synonyms of Arrows:

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Sentence/Example of Arrows:

The skeletons Lee has studied show evidence of very active lives, including shooting arrows.

If we forget the arrows and consider only the pressures, we discover that high-velocity air flowing around the leading edge of the wing creates low pressure there, pulling it forward.

Then he draws in some arrows and additional information around that.

You could then impose the restriction that the one-dimensional closed loop needs to be embedded on this map so that it always follows the direction of the arrows over which it’s embedded.

Solving either case involves tabulating the effects of each arrow on every other arrow, since indirect lines of influence emerge from neighbors acting on neighbors ad infinitum.

He and Lenz assumed that the results held for 2D sheets and 3D blocks of arrows as well, and that the model therefore failed to capture the behavior of real magnets.

Losing arrows while hunting in dense Sri Lankan forests would have presented a major challenge to ancient people, Rabett adds.

A primitive savage makes a bow and arrow in a day: it takes him a fortnight to make a bark canoe.

Ki Pak had an arrow-walk and target in his garden, and here it was that Yung Pak used to practise almost daily.

Coming to a gate of red stone, Yung Pak asked the meaning of the carved arrow in the arch overhead.