Arroyo [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Arroyo:

Arroyo had no night operator, so we agreed that the stolen engine might easily have slipped past there without being marked down.

Gorcher came back pretty soon with his clearance, which gave him the right to run to Arroyo as first section of Number Eighteen.

He did it to the queen's taste; and in exactly eight minutes out of Banta we tore over the switches at Arroyo.

Arroyo has no night operator, and when we sneaked through the Banta yard and past the station, the operator there was asleep.

At midnight the wearied pursuers dropped down from a high plateau to a narrow arroyo.

“Neither Arroyo nor Bocardo can be found,” replied the mayor-domo.

On the gate below were written two names, Arroyo—Antonio Valdez.

What else did your peon acquaintance make known about Arroyo and Bocardo?

Well—say she is old and ugly,” answered Arroyo, “she suits my purpose for all that.

He was tired and could come no further, he is waiting for you at an estancia on the Arroyo del Medio.