Arsenals [noun]

Definition of Arsenals:

storage of weapons

Synonyms of Arsenals:

Opposite/Antonyms of Arsenals:


Sentence/Example of Arsenals:

Just get one or two for the whole family to share at first—you can always expand your gear arsenal later.

Caroline pointed out in May that the best way to slow the spread of the virus would be to deploy “the oldest mitigation tactics in the public health arsenal.”

There’s a reason why networking is touted as one of the best tools a businesswoman can have in her career arsenal.

There remains a whole lot of research that must be done to understand and improve the digital arsenal for both this pandemic and the next.

The stealthy new arsenal makes it extraordinarily difficult to hold hacking companies and intelligence agencies accountable when human rights abuses occur.

They’re his arsenal – both the intellect behind them and the manner of delivering them.

This is particularly important to China as it seeks, according to defense intelligence, to double its nuclear arsenal over the next decade.

Over in South Korea, public polling has shown growing support for the country to build its own nuclear arsenal, as threats from Pyongyang linger and trust in American military support declines.

In a world where data is considered as the next oil by business leaders, you’ll be glad to have analytics in your arsenal.

The Americans demanded the surrender of the Arsenal, the Admiral, and the surviving crews of the destroyed fleet.