Arsons [noun]

Definition of Arsons:

intentional burning

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Sentence/Example of Arsons:

Twenty people in East County are facing a total of 75 felony and misdemeanor charges, most of them tied to the La Mesa protests beginning May 30, which erupted in violence, looting and arson.

The demonstrations have also devolved in arson, looting, and property destruction, as well as violence that has left multiple people dead.

In one instance, police suspected that single-family zoning advocates committed arson against a Mission Hills property owner who tried to build a business in a district they wanted to restrict for homes only.

Murder, rape, arson, and a host of other atrocities are often the first evidence of a diseased brain.

These sanguinary deeds were diversified by various attempts at arson—the latest, with aid of gunpowder, being successful.

Palliation may be found for the alleged arson mentioned in the catalogue of complaints that have excited British indignation.

Arson, rs′on, n. the crime of wilfully burning houses or other buildings.

This was a simple matter when the strikers were guilty of trespass, arson, or sabotage.

They counted on North Yakima and Wenatchee to show violence and arson, and they failed most miserably.

I remember a case in which a peasant was accused of having committed arson for the sake of the insurance.