Arteries [noun]

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Wide and straight, well made and tree-lined throughout, it supplied the two great arteries of Indian life.

It extends from the Strand to Holborn, the two principal business arteries of London.

If the patient has been very much run down, death may take place from thrombosis of some of the arteries.

Others, main arteries of a mysterious circulation, lengthened out in the rock in dark and tortuous fissures.

Horrid the gashes where jagged iron had cut through the flesh, severing arteries and tendons in an instant.

We would have a terrible time in finding out whether they really were rich enough to be of any use to our arteries.

Hardening of the arteries, an old-age disease, is rapidly becoming in this country a disease of the middle aged.

The blood is thus made to pass into the arteries upon the contraction of the ventricle walls.

In some of the larger vessels the corpuscles are moving rapidly and in spurts; these are arteries.

The arteries lead into smaller vessels hardly greater in diameter than the width of a single corpuscle.