Artfully [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Artfully:

The stranger turned, and stared at Garnache with a look of wonder that artfully changed to one of disdainful recognition.

He eyed her artfully, winked playfully, and continued: "You'll like it when you get the modesty out of yourself."

As they climbed the hill-stair Stone artfully trimmed the ragged edges of his wife's discontent.

You have been informed how artfully the conspiracy was carried on, and how I arrived eight and forty hours after I came.

Myrtle, youre looking as fresh as the first roses, said King OLeary artfully.

Since the builder had artfully omitted all low branches, there was little chance of his knocking his head off.

This advice the goddess very artfully and determinately carried out.

Well, I am convinced that this accursed mameluco is quietly leading us to some trap that he has artfully prepared.

However their conduct may be artfully varnished over with fair pretences, they betray consummate folly.

He had daily access to Miss Chudleigh; and each interview was artfully improved by the aunt to the promotion of her own views.