Artfulnesses [noun]

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There is more of artfulness in the flatteries which appear to involve a calculating intention to say the nice agreeable thing.

Mr. Chamberlain omitted to mention the last-named impost, but no doubt that was his artfulness.

The artfulness of the commissionersʼ scheme was too apparent for Paterno and Buencamino to accept it.

Nita saw through the girl before her, her artfulness, her assumptions, and despised her already.

All women display an innocent artfulness, the first time they find themselves facing motherhood.

That on occasions he displayed artfulness and guile—duplicity, in fact—is not to be denied.

He proceeded about the business of fomenting dissatisfaction and strife with an artfulness surprising in one of his type.

"Watchin' out for evidence in a law case, probably," growled Cap'n Sproul, the fear of onshore artfulness ever with him.

He pressed the young man's hand sympathetically, and a wink of intense artfulness gave point to his last remark.

The reader will see the extreme artfulness of the plot, but in all wrongdoing there is sooner or later a slip up.