Articled [adjective]

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For one thing, an old articled clerk of mine went to Melbourne some years ago, and succeeded in getting a practice there.

As to Dr. Lankester, all Woodbridge was scandalized when it was announced that he was articled to a medical man.

No one was admitted to the presence of the senior partner who did not first pass the searching scrutiny of his articled clerk.

All previously-articled apprentices were now taken away from their masters and adopted by the association.

I was thus enlisted and articled into the service, and being infected with the type fever, the fits have periodically returned.

Thomas Minton of Stoke assisted in the completion of it, being articled as an engraver at Caughley.

He whose life seems fair, if all his errors and follies were articled against him would seem vicious and miserable.

It took in the articled clerks of merchants and bankers, the George Barnwells of the day.

In 1818 he was articled to an eminent solicitor at Norwich, with whom he continued five years.

In the year 1818 George Borrow was articled to an eminent solicitor in Norwich, with whom he continued five years.