Articles [noun]

Definition of Articles:

item, object

Synonyms of Articles:

Opposite/Antonyms of Articles:


Sentence/Example of Articles:

A number of the articles were used in the erection of Edgbaston Vestry Hall, where the curious may inspect them if so inclined.

There are many articles in the American department of which I would gladly speak, that have attracted no public notice.

For the said purpose he took nearly a thousand pesos in money, or in stuffs and other articles which are most valued there.

It is interesting to note that some other articles of customary export showed large declines in 1915 as compared with 1914.

The Tchuktchi of north-eastern Asia are devoted worshipers of tobacco, and is one of the chief articles of trade with them.

It has been stated that many articles of furniture, &c., made by him are still in use.

As regards the natural products of the Brazils, a great many of the most necessary articles are wanting in the list.

A general claim of "all" articles in a stated place is regarded as sufficient.

I hear the articles on the making of wines and brandies very highly spoken of.

Keep your own knife, fork, and spoon solely for the articles upon your own plate.