Articulately [adverb]

Definition of Articulately:


Opposite/Antonyms of Articulately:

Sentence/Example of Articulately:

Every mayor comes into office with a list of promises and ambitions articulated throughout the preceding campaign.

Built for snowboarders, this sock has the standard winter goodies, like a merino-wool blend, an articulated fit with compression zones, and a blister-free toe box.

There’s going to be a fundamental decision, are we going to be the bigger city Todd has articulated, and we have to grow the pie with projects he’s talked about, or to grow revenue, or to reprioritize what we want to do as a city.

Oil penetrates deep into the chain internals to reduce metal-on-metal friction between the bushings and rollers as they articulate against each other.

The way that that sometimes gets articulated is, if there’s no cops then there’s chaos, like there’s some kind of one-to-one correlation.

They should also assess the competition to ensure they can clearly articulate a differentiated value proposition to their customer base.

Its CEO would wow the Davos set with cleverly articulated visions of how corporations could help fix the ills of society.

Note that the amendment doesn't articulate what causes might justify the president's removal.

The key for all future opportunities is going to be articulating the advertiser’s return on investment.

The kid will then also be able to tell apart a dog and a sheep, even if he can’t yet articulate their differences.