Artier [adjective]

Definition of Artier:

pretended expertise in art; affected interest

Synonyms of Artier:

Opposite/Antonyms of Artier:


Sentence/Example of Artier:

In every church—and there arty 866 of them—some score or two of masses are said daily at the different altars.

No, really, I like some of the others—four or five of them; but I don't like Arty.

As regards anything Arty or Crafty his attitude is merely appreciative—he is finishing up his last year of law at Columbia.

To think I should never see Arty again, would make me die before my time!

Peter thought, perceiving that Mrs. Lovick's "Arty" was now altogether one of the family.

I hope he'll give us red cushions and a nice, 'arty sort of carpet.

Old Captain Arty sat at the wheel with the most resigned patient look in his eyes.

Georgetown was not so "arty" in Bladen Snyder's day, unfortunately, so he was considered very "odd."

Arty stopped crying, and steadied his quivering infant mouth till it 60expressed his invincible determination.

He took Arty back to his nurse, holding him closely to him, and returned to her.