Artificiality [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Artificiality:

This last phrase is characteristic and betrays the individual taste of the poet for artificiality.

The sentences will all be finished to a degree, and unquestionably will give a feeling of artificiality.

His own designs struck even his own imagination in a strange light; there was a smack of artificiality, of unreality about them.

The touch of artificiality was cold on this amazingly straightforward old man.

But her face was anxious, her bright eyes were uneasy, and there was a perceptible stamp of artificiality upon her.

Our writers waver between vulgarity on the one hand, artificiality or eccentricity on the other.

Our musical system is the greatest art, if—pardon me this seeming paradox—avoiding all artificiality is art.

But when the curtain rises on the hall of the Gibichungs we at once get more artificiality and theatricality.

This artificiality is also proven by the difference of practice which exists on the various southern roads.

The two former are decidedly open to the charges of pedantry, artificiality, heaviness.