Artificially [adverb]

Definition of Artificially:

by artificial means

Synonyms of Artificially:

Opposite/Antonyms of Artificially:

Sentence/Example of Artificially:

Yet Martin and Liam were both so artificial, both so fictional in a way that none of the other characters in this novel are.

DARPA in particular has led to huge technological breakthroughs including the internet, GPS, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence.

That, along with GPS and artificial intelligence, can determine whether the rider is in a bike lane, on the sidewalk or in the middle of the road.

For us, artificial intelligence also leads to generative designs, for instance.

Each new artificial Mars dirt represents a mix of materials that could be found or made on the Red Planet.

Once a simple cloud-based image manager, the platform has become an artificial intelligence-powered one-stop shop for storing, organizing, and tweaking your pics.

It’s high in alcohol and full of artificial flavors, refined sugars, petroleum dyes, and other ingredients most people know little about.

So this idea of artificial general intelligence has become,you know, very controversial and very divisive—but it’s having a comeback.

We’re looking for people doing interesting work with software, nanomaterials, biotechnology, artificial intelligence, robotics, computing, energy, electronics, and the internet.

It’s just artificial scarcity, manufactured by some Twitch streamer who’s trying to gain subscribers.