Artilleries [noun]

Definition of Artilleries:

weaponry or military unit

Synonyms of Artilleries:

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Sentence/Example of Artilleries:

The Mexican artillery soon laid a part of the fort in ruins.

They found a few belated sowars of the 3d Cavalry, who took refuge in a wood, and the artillery opened fire at the trees!

Two artillery subalterns who had fought their way through a mob stricken with panic for the moment, soon arrived.

The artillery and 81st were on the right of the line, the native infantry in the center, and the sowars on the left.

In a few minutes the native troops found themselves confronted by the 81st and the two batteries of artillery.

They had the advantage in position and numbers, but Guitar had the advantage in having a couple of pieces of artillery.

The artillery of the Federals played an important part in the action, and did much towards turning the victory.

Berthier's business was to win over the general staff, Murat the cavalry, Marmont the artillery, and Lannes the infantry.

Captain Hobbs, of the 3rd Artillery, was shot through the thigh at night, and only the next morning saw the nature of the wound.

While covering the retreat with his cavalry, he saw a horse artillery gun deserted by its men.