Artisan [noun]

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Although the Kimdio has the look of an artisan coffee mug, it’s actually made of high quality ceramic that is dishwasher and microwave-save, and non-toxic.

On Trade Days, my cousins would sell their pottery to tourists, while other artisans would sell paintings, woodworking, and other objets d’art.

Today, she’s got a team of artisans to do manual labor so she can spend time drawing inspiration from nature and the energies that surround her.

Global competition, high labor costs and several recessions forced many artisan outfits across Italy to close, with those that survived doing so by expansion.

Here and there exceptional industry or extraordinary capacity raised the artisan to wealth and turned the "man" into the "master."

These Orchestras are chiefly selected from the ranks of the people, of whom the artisan is the chief contributor.

If an artisan has taken a son to bring up, and has caused him to learn his handicraft, no one has any claim.

I am a mere artisan in composition, but you will be an artist, in the fullest sense of the word.

She was the child of an artisan who had been killed by the Burgundians in the woods of Boulogne-la-Grande.

But among the artisan and merchant classes the new faith was sincere and based on calculation.