Artisans [noun]

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And in an incredibly short time the Pontellier house was turned over to the artisans.

The artisans of Bengal can weave, the Chinese boatmen can row, with its aid, and it adds much to facility in climbing.

Few children of independent labourers' families could at that date rise to be artisans.

Thus, on April 15, 1112, the bourgeois merchants and artisans of the city of Laon were in gala since early morning.

The French are very far behind the English in the ingenuity of the lower order of their artisans.

They will make a bonfire of the houses of those bourgeois and artisans fit to roast Beelzebub!

The worshippers are humble people—artisans, operatives, small shopkeepers, &c.

All of us good people of the city, bourgeois and artisans that we are, prefer good to evil, peace to war.

The fifth division presides over works of artisans, and disposes of articles by public notice.

While the Moderates hardly noticed them, he saw 158 what stuff lay in the despised and misunderstood Italian artisans.