Artiste [noun]

Definition of Artiste:

expert, skilled person, female or male

Synonyms of Artiste:

Opposite/Antonyms of Artiste:

Sentence/Example of Artiste:

These are the violins which by common consent most entitle this artiste to rank with the great masters.

His mother and sister chaffing him on receiving tender messages from the fair artiste, he laughingly produced it.

But now this paradise had passed into the possession of a charming woman and admirable artiste.

Her admirable voice, her dramatic talent, her wonderful beauty, made the great artiste to be envied in every theatre in Europe.

For Rossetti Whistler had a genuine affection, and, in his early enthusiasm, wrote of him as "une grand artiste" to Fantin.

His antagonist, a first-rate artiste, went on gradually painting his portrait.

There was a rumour that a new and charming French artiste was to sing a few peculiarly ravishing songs, unheard in England before.

The Duke, also, who during the intervening pause sent for the young artiste to his box, expressed to him his full satisfaction.

Every foreign artiste sought to be introduced there, and whether violinist or violoncellist took an active part in them.

The latter seemed quite charmed with the play of the artiste-couple, and evinced it in his own animated and friendly manner.