Artistic [adjective]

Definition of Artistic:

beautiful, satisfying to senses

Synonyms of Artistic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Artistic:

Sentence/Example of Artistic:

The quality of artistic beauty in articulation is very important, beyond the mere accuracy which is ordinarily thought of.

At home Liszt doesn't wear his long abb's coat, but a short one, in which he looks much more artistic.

She went to Paris in 1878 and was so attracted by the artistic life which she saw that she determined to study there.

In the spring of 1880 she went again to Paris, only to "feast on things artistic."

One of the lower and mixed forms of artistic activity, in the case of the child and of the race alike, is personal adornment.

Perhaps, like father, I am a snob at heart and liked the sensation of a sort of artistic alliance with the British aristocracy.

In this imitative play we see from the first the artistic tendency to set forth what is characteristic in the things represented.

I've been in a sort of mental apathy since I got back—the result, I suppose, of so much artistic excitement all summer.

And for how many noble and philanthropic objects has he not exerted his artistic resources!

A few have the eye and the artistic impulse needed for picturing, roughly at least, the look of an object.