Artistically [adverb]

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The demands the protesters presented to Rojas include the right to freedom of speech and artistic creation, among other points.

The roster was produced amid the extraordinary pressure on the company to bounce back after the June departure of its founding artistic director, Eric Schaeffer, who resigned after an actor accused him of sexual harassment.

“We decided to look at the possibilities, as opposed to what isn’t possible,” Robert Battle, artistic director, says.

Growing up in an artistic family of modest means on Long Island, she never encountered the Internet until arriving at Brown University in 1995.

The show's artistic DNA seemed to be equal parts Looney Tunes and Laugh-In, with a Dadaist streak and a heavy dose of Mel Brooks-style parody woven through.

Prior to the pandemic, filming a rooftop concert wasn’t high on director Matthew Gardiner’s artistic docket.

She was a theater lover and good friend of their artistic director, Michael Kahn.

But—and I forbear to lead up to it artistically—I dissever myself from your chariot wheels.

Intellectually and artistically, Tchaikovsky profited little by this journey.

Magnificent rows of steps, built of colossal stones, lead up to the houses and palaces, and artistically built gateways.