Artistries [noun]

Definition of Artistries:

great skill in creative endeavors

Synonyms of Artistries:

Opposite/Antonyms of Artistries:

Sentence/Example of Artistries:

NFL history is incomplete without the connection — part athleticism, part artistry, part magic — between passer and catcher.

That aversion has only been exacerbated by the repeat appearance of miniatures in horror movies, from the grief-stricken artistry on display in Hereditary to the floor made up of human teeth in Sharp Objects.

All I was prepared for was the unprepared creativity of his artistry.

We’re simply asking to make our artistry and mixology portable, just like we do with food.

Our shoppers have always loved bright colors and patterns, well-made designs, and unique artistry—anything that helps authentically express their personalities and individuality.

It is combative—in the sense that it shapes nature's forces—and it calls for a sense of artistry in its practitioners.

Claude, the butler, had prepared the table with fine artistry—its center a mass of roses.

Then followed a doleful imitation of Mr. Charles Chaplin, which proved by its very fiasco the artistry of the original.

The note of carelessness was maintained—but with artistry to accentuate the extraordinary effect of physique and feature.

So, too, our festivals have surrendered much of their artistry.