Artists [noun]

Definition of Artists:

person skilled in creative activity

Synonyms of Artists:

Opposite/Antonyms of Artists:

Sentence/Example of Artists:

Five of the number had studied with Liszt before, and the young men are artists already before the public.

The artists of Oosterbeck and Brussels, who were her associates, materially aided her by their encouragement.

While residing in Brussels these two artists began to collect works of art for what is now known as the Mesdag Museum.

At the latter date all artists were obliged to vacate the Sorbonne ateliers to make room for some new department of instruction.

When we came in he looked indisposed and nervous, and there happened to be a good many artists there.

In 1883 she served with many distinguished artists on the art jury of the International Exhibition at Amsterdam.

What children they were with their simple unmorality of artists, as ignorant of the real world as babes in a wood!

I visited during my stay in Canton as many workshops of the different artists as I could.

Durham, like Canterbury, is a town that is much favored by the artists, and deservedly so.

Glimpses of the cathedral towers through the rows of odd buildings is a favorite theme with the artists.