Artless [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Artless:

"Oh, but dear Mrs. Dodd, suppose she couldn't help it," said the artless maiden with a blush and a little sigh.

With eyes still fixed intent upon the ground,I saw but her, whose artless innocence,Triumphant took possession of this heart.

She had an artless way of administering cruel stabs to her female acquaintances which frequently turned them into enemies.

Lamont had been attracted by Menotah's artless beauty, her joyous laughter, and caressing ways.

A young sportsman on the bank who had joined me expressed his artless disappointment.

Nick's artless comment on this was that she had such pretty manners.

His companion's artless but vivid recital had set his blood in motion.

He loved her best in her moods of artless gayety, and she hurriedly brushed her tears away, and hastened to be merry.

In this way the artless youth prattled on; and Miss Amory listened to him with inexhaustible good humor.

Don Roque felt emotion in spite of himself, at the artless loyalty of this half-civilised man.