Artlessness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Artlessness:

"We shall be very glad," returned Clara, with a singular mixture of consciousness and artlessness.

Nevertheless she was favored with her usual childlike artlessness of speech, and answered, "I am glad you find it agreeable."

She chattered with the childish artlessness that at times veiled her sophistication.

The gravity of the Count was not proof against this speech, uttered with such despairing artlessness.

His temper was unalterably sweet, and every thought of his breast was laid open to the world with an almost infantine artlessness.

You are a coquette, Katy, and the greater one because of that semblance of artlessness which is the perfection of art.

They soiled the artlessness of her fourteen years with filthy veiled allusions.

Perhaps she was only an adorable child who had no idea of the effect her artlessness had upon men.

There was, too, not infrequently a dash of malice in her artlessness.

If he produces in his verse the effect of the wind among the reeds, it is the result not only of his artlessness, but of his art.