Arts [noun]

Definition of Arts:

skill, creativity

Synonyms of Arts:

Opposite/Antonyms of Arts:

Sentence/Example of Arts:

The first commencement of Union College for conferring degrees in the arts and sciences.

Belle Ringold was very shrewd, young as she was, in the arts of gaining and holding the attention of young men.

Among the ancients, the tools which served in the arts were few in number, and these of exceeding simplicity.

He served as physician, as well as priest and school-master, and practised and taught the most useful domestic arts.

Like all racial beauties, bred by selection, she needed the arts of dress and furnishings to frame her.

All decorative painting, carving, and inlaying is done by them; in short, they excel in all ingenious mechanical arts.

He spent a great part of his life in improving and experimenting on various instruments used in agriculture and the arts.

Arts, therefore, which were neglected by the elder courtier were assiduously practised by the younger.

The industrial arts of this part of the country depend much upon them for the power which drives their machinery.

The word able is applicable to those arts which exercise at once the mind and the hand, as painting and sculpture.