Artworks [noun]

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The goal is for unique collaborative artworks to be created, allowing the artists to establish deeper connections with others while practicing social distancing and in doing so, help the financially struggling USPS by sending and receiving packages.

Masterworks, which sells stakes in artwork for as low as $20, has apparently added 10,000 users a month during the pandemic, its founder told Bloomberg.

By the end of 2020, the city plans to have recommendations from its assessment committee — shaped by public input — on which monuments, memorials and other public artworks should be addressed.

The artwork in question must be an “original work of authorship fixed in a tangible medium.”

AI-generated artwork is still a very new concept, and the ambiguous copyright laws around it give a lot of flexibility to AI artists and programmers worldwide.

Then one exclaimed, "air they any more luny fellers like thet, back at them Artwork shops?"

Never, it may be said, did so great an artwork as is the Missa Solemnis see its creation under more adverse circumstances.

The artwork, although somewhat unartistically executed, has an attractive simplicity.

Shall we find in their artwork any of that pensiveness and yearning for the dead, which fills the chants of their tragedy?

The person making the artwork already integrates the appropriation in the making.