As [conjunction]

Definition of As:

while, when

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Sentence/Example of As:

They got all kinds of tony things–tomatoes and cucumbers and as-paragrass, and them little toadstool things.

The "Pay-as-You-Go" system has reflected favorably on the state's financial reputation.

He was crotchetty and impracticable, a man of rash judgment and hasty action-as brave and as tenacious as a bulldog.

Ang mag-una mauy mupikat sa mga tag-as sagbut, The one in front has to push the tall grass to the sides.

He dodged wearily and repeated his incredible remark: "Ya-as, there is—wimmen—two female ladies onto them there mules."

It was no use trying to be dry-as-dust since the spring had got into her blood.

He told him also of Kla-kla-as-suks, the klootsmah who had left her home to be his rightful wife.

Acicular, as-ik′ū-lar, adj. needle-shaped; slender and sharp-pointed.

Acidimeter, as-id-im′e-tėr, n. an instrument for measuring the strength of acids.

Acetopathy, as-et-op′a-thi, n. the treating of ailments by the external application of dilute acetic acid.