Asbestos [adjective]

Definition of Asbestos:

resistant to burning

Synonyms of Asbestos:

Opposite/Antonyms of Asbestos:

Sentence/Example of Asbestos:

On the occasion referred to, some of our men, in their burrowing, threw out a considerable quantity of asbestos.

Indications of asbestos are found at most points throughout the whole serpentine formation.

It is remarkably good, and some exceptionally fine asbestos has been got out here.

In addition to asbestos, it is worthy of note that the whole of the Thetford district is rich in minerals.

After removal of the surface earth and rock, the proportion of refuse rock is about twenty-five tons to one of asbestos.

It however contains numerous veins of asbestos which, though mostly of small size, are of good quality.

The belt of serpentine here is very narrow, and the veins of asbestos are closely pressed together.

The total amount of asbestos taken from the Belmina district Mr. Ells puts at about twenty-five tons.

One of the latest uses to which asbestos has been proposed to be applied in connection with warfare is as a coating for ironclads.

Nothing could well be more interesting or more suggestive to every one connected with the asbestos industry than the foregoing.